5 months.

april-366-smallMiss Harper, 5 months on. My beautiful little girl. You’re such a delight.

This weekend we’re celebrating Harper’s Naming Day with a High Tea.

Hopefully she’ll be awake for the ceremony and not completely covered in vomit.

She had her 4 month needles a week or two ago. Weighed and measured too. Dr asked how she was feeding, I said on Anti Reflux formula yet she still throws up a LOT. He took one look at her and said, “well, obviously that’s not a problem for her” in reference to her sizeable cheeks.

7.18kgs – almost exactly half of her 4 year old sister’s weight. 64cms long. Utterly adorable.

Still sleeping through the night, a few nights last week after the injections were a bit awful, but I can’t complain. Still being wrapped, I am dreading the time when we can no longer wrap, thinking about trying to wean her off it now, but don’t like my chances – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Full of smiles and chuckles, lots of pitching and squealing. Trying to teach her to say Mummmmm with no luck yet. This week, Harp has learnt to put her binkie back in her mouth when she spits it out. Hooray. Now to teach her how to do it in the dark of night.

Most of her beautiful long hair fell out a few months back, leaving the most bizarre bald ring around the back of her head. Still has the remnants of her most awesome faux-hawk in shades of it’s former glory, now nothing more than a few pesky long hairs standing up like a cockatoo, high above the new baby fuzz that’s grown in and now about 1cm long.

As I write this, Harp is happy swinging away in her, um, swing. We’re going through a pack of Heavy duty D batteries a week with the amount of use the swing gets. Best $200 I ever spent. It’s the only place she’ll have her day sleeps, there or in my arms. I choose the swing.

Love you little Harry-High-Pants.






















I can’t figure out how to post multiple pics…eta – yes I have!!



I haven’t forgotten this place, honest. I just seem to be so busy with Isla and little Harper that I just don’t find the time to post about my littlest Princess.

Little Harper is 4 months now, I cannot believe it. This time last year I was only just getting over the fact that I was actually pregnant (after 19 months of TTC). As I write this now, she’s asleep in her rocker, which seems to be her favourite sleeping spot at the moment.

Still a wonderful sleeper, there’s probably only been 5 times since NYE 2008 that she hasn’t slept through the night. Usually goes down around 7pm and wakes anywhere from 5-7am. BLISS!

No idea what size clothes she’s in. Some things that are 000 fit, somethings 00 fit. Hard to work it all out. We weighed her at the hospital the other day, 6.65kgs 🙂 She’s having between 5-6 180mL bottles each day.

She’s mastered rolling from front to back (sometimes helped along by losing balance!) and can *almost* roll from back to front, just.can’t.quite.get.there. Picks up toys with her feet and brings them up to her hands. Thinks her hands are the most fascinating thing ever.

Lots of giggles and smiles, although still a very serious little person. She’s lost most of her beautiful dark spikey hair, and now has a long tuft on the top of her head and long bits at the back of her neck (terrible description) but still incredibly cute.

Isla simply adores her. It’s so beautiful, lots of kisses and cuddles, helps get binkies, tells me “I’ll look after her Mum” when I need to make a bottle or do something else.

Her naming day is April 26th. I’ve bought her the cutest navy and white dress and bloomers to wear. We’re having a Hugh Tea – can’t wait.

Almost 13 weeks…

Bad Mummy!

Terribly slack updating Harp’s blog. I have good intentions, honestly I do, but I just seem to forget about this place.

Well, Pumba is 13 weeks tomorrow. I can’t believe she’s 3 months on Friday! Crazy talk.

She’s till lovely, such a cool, laid back kid. She’s having a nice little snooze on the lounge behind me as I type this. She’s still sleeping really, really well. Usually til around 5ish still, going down around 7pm. Bliss.

Still can’t work out what size she is. I bought her a size 0 wondersuit the other week and it fits! OMG! My little baby isn’t so little any more.

Lot’s of babble, sooooo cute. Still wakes up happy, having a chat in her bassinette, usually making “yeah, yeah, yeah” sounds! I bought her a swing the other week, which has been a god-send in getting her to sleep some days, as she likes to be cuddled a lot!

Almost too long for her bassinette. I really can’t wait to move house. Really. Very sick of living here, and oddly we moved here to save, yet never have any money left over at the end of the week, I don’t quite understand it at all! Harp needs to go into her cot very soon, so I’m hoping we find a place SOON so that can be a reality – although should we stay here longer, I could just put her cot into Isla’s room given Isla rarely sleeps an entire night in there – but that’s another story!

What else.

I have pictures of my littlest princess but they’re pretty big,  so I’ll resize and post soon!

10 and a bit weeks…

I have been SO slack with updating!

Harp has grown so much, she changes every day. She’s still lovely, and sleeeps ALL NIGHT! She’ll normally go down between 7 and 8 and sleeps until 5ish, so I still get a little bit of my Matt Lauer fix!

She’s goo-ing and gaa-ing all the time now, in fact she’s behind me doing it everytime the fan blows past her. She’s coped witht this feral heat SO well, it hasn’t really bothered her too much, other than making her really sweaty!

I can’t quite work out what size she’s in now, she’s outgrown some of her 0000 things and no longer fits into her 000 wondersuits, but some 000 things swim on her, it’s all too confusing!

She’s a pretty easy going little person, lots of smiles and giggles 🙂

She had her needles 2 and a bit weeks ago, so she was pretty angry for a few days folllowing, but has come good again, thankfully. I had her hips checked again and the Dr found a click,I’d heard it before-hand, so we went for an ultrasound which she screamed the whole way through.

Results came back on Friday, slight instability, nothing to worry about. Will re-scan in 2 months time to be sure. Hmm. Will speak to Isla’s physio about it on Tuesday.

Which leads to why we’ve been so busy lately, Isla had a birthday, her 4th in fact. Isla had a party which was lovely, and since then I have had little time for anything! I will update her blog for more news on her: islasjourney.blogspot.com

At 8 weeks, Miss Harper weighed in at 5.2kgs and 59.5cms long, and utterly adorable 🙂


Six and a bit weeks…

Happy New Year!!

Harper decided to sleep ALL night this past week – twice in fact! I think she may have done it again last night but I kicked a poweboard when I got up around 1am last night and she woke up 😦 But went back to sleep after a quick feed and woke up again around 5.30. She’s having a lovely snooze right now, a complete 180 after yesterday where she was such an unhappy camper, poor little chicken.

We visited a friend for her birthday yesterday, she has the littlest 4ish week old, Makayla. She’s so tiny, Harper looked like a sumo wrestler in comparison! I’ll try and get a pic of them together at Isla’s party on the weekend.

What else can I report about little H? She’s been much more settled this past week, which happens to coincide with me putting her completely on AR formula. Yesterday was the first time in a week that we’ve had a witching hour of sorts (well, a witching 7 hours!) I’m sure it’s the AR. I’m also thinking she may be having a growth spurt, she’s been taking 180mls of formula lately at each feed, but perhaps it’s more to do with missing her overnight feeds because she’s sleeping?

5 and a bit weeks…

Merry Christmas!!

Harper is still lovely, but incredibly AWAKE during daylight hours. Today, for example, she’s been bright eyed and bushy tailed since about 5.30am! She’s only had about an hour or two’s sleep MAX during this time, poor little monkey.

It’s incredbly hot here today and we have no air con, so no doubt that’s added to things. She settles like a champion when wrapped but I just couldn’t do it to her today 😦 Here’s hoping tomorrow is much cooler – but I’m looking at rental properties as I type this!

Harper started smiling a few days ago, such a lovely Xmas present! She doesn’t smile very much, usually when she’s just woken up and they are so cute! I forgot how lovely gummy smiles can be!

Still feeding every 3 or 4 hours but it’s not too bad. She’s finally taking the reflux formula which is making her sleep a bit better.

I’m going to try and have her weighed this week!